Window Cleaning Tools (2)

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Window Cleaning Tools

Smudge, dirt, dust, and cobwebs are just but few of the things you don’t want to see on your windows. Now when any or all these “undesirables” are just what you actually see, don’t you think it is about time that your window needs a fix?

Window washing needs your time and attention. Why not take a break for a while and do some real cleaning action to retain those neat and tidy windows that you once have. When cleaning windows come in your way it is just but proper that you have all those stuff—window cleaning tools, right by your side.

For glass windows, window cleaning tools such as squeegee, scrapers, sponge, and liquid soap sprayer are what you need to get the job done right. If the glass windows are a bit higher, a stair or even a high chair is required to clean those hard to reach areas of your windows. These window cleaning tools have there own usage.

With the aid of a liquid soap sprayer, applying soap on to the glass can be much easier aided with a sponge in spreading to soap to the glass surface. In the spreading the soap with the use of the sponge, it should be done in a sidewise continuous motion. The scraper is used to get rid of that stubborn dirt or stain that stuck on to the glass windows, while the squeegee is for getting the excess soapsuds and water droplets. The purpose of the rug is to wipe off water and excess dirt accumulated on the sides of the window trim that is impossible for the squeegee or the scraper to get rid off.

Now for those hard to reach part of the glass windows, a pole is metal pole or a plastic rod is attached to the handle of the scraper, squeegee or the sponge allow cleaning the glass windows possible.

Window cleaning tools for wooden windows are just simple and relatively ordinary. However, maintaining the luster of the wood is necessary. It is best to have a wood polish and wood preserver after every cleaning. In this way the wooden window can last longer and is protected from the damaging invasion of insects and termites. A rug, paintbrush or a duster will do just fine in removing dirt and dust from your windows.

Window cleaning tools are necessities in maintaining clean glossy windows. They are must-haves in every household. These window cleaning tools need not be expensive and fancy. After all, it is your windows that need your much attention and not so much on the tools. So check your tool kit now and see what you have.

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