Window Curtains

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Window Curtains

A few decades ago, windows are just, well, plain windows, bare and unadorned. But today the idea of having stark naked and austere windows is simply unthinkable and even unacceptable. Most homemakers would concede that dressing up your windows is one of the effective tricks of giving the room a new look with only a minimum fuss and expense.

Window curtains have been quite popular a few years back, but the demand have steeply declined due to the availability of many other modern alternatives in the market today. Window shades, blinds, draperies, and shutters are just a few of the popular window treatments that are now commonly used nowadays. But who ever said that window curtains are just a thing of the past is dead wrong. Most keen observers and interior decorators would concede that none of the new products could compete with window curtains when it comes to providing the home a homier and more welcoming appearance. That is why most of the residential owners would prefer combining window curtains with other treatments to soften and temper down the otherwise stiff and too impersonal look.

So what are the varieties of window curtains that you can use to incorporate in your existing window treatments? There are actually several contemporary designs that you can choose from to help you create the certain look you want your rooms to exude.

When choosing a curtain fabric, you have to make important choices such as the color, design and the texture of the cloth. If you want to acquire a more elegant and classic look, you can choose among silks, satins and laces but it you prefer a more sedate appearance you can have fabrics with muted or neutral colors. Of course choices will vary from one person to another since we usually select things mainly based on our personalities.

There are basically three components of make up window curtains; layering different fabric textures could add character to your design. A valance is a short swag of cloth that is draped across the window. It can be a great accents and a very good layering trick. Swags are reverse v-shaped cloths, which would frame the windows beautifully. The panel curtains are made of flat, rectangle fabrics that are left hanging down from the rods.

If you think it’s a little to complicated for you, there are some manufacturers of curtains that are famous for creating contemporary window curtains with over 100 colors and designs that you can choose from. Check out the best manufacturers in your area and ask assistance on how to make the most out of the curtain fabrics.

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